Boston – A shoppers' paradise


Forget about the national parks, museums, historical monuments when you visit the beautiful and historic city of Boston. Instead, make time to do some shopping. Although the city has many shopping centers, there are sudden treasures where you can find the best bargains, including wedding dresses. So if you board one of those cheap flights to Boston, shopping should be on your travel schedule.

The inner city and the surrounding places offer the best shopping streets in the city. Here you will find Back Bay, Beacon Hill and South End with not only designer boutiques, but also specialty stores, bookstores, antique dealers, department stores, discount stores and gourmet stores.

Fashion conscious must go to the Back Bay area of ​​the city. It has several streets with Victorian buildings and is home to Newbury Street, where the top designers and more than 30 art galleries are located. Copley Place is also located here and offers boutiques that sell jewelry and European fashion. This area is also popular for hosting the Running of the Brides twice a year. The event is held for 2 days in February and then again in August each year. Upcoming brides race against each other in Filene Basement to get beautiful designer wedding dresses at greatly reduced prices. Unfortunately Filene Basement filed for bankruptcy and closed the store. So this is a popular event that is not on the agenda of the city. The Back Bay area is a one-stop vacation destination where you can purchase souvenirs, jewelry, designer clothing and more.

Another popular shopping destination in the city is Quincy Market, which is also known as Faneuil Hall Marketplace. The market is known for its stores that sell both local and national brands. In addition, there are more than 40 stalls selling seafood, ethnic dishes and everything in between. Close to the market is the Haymarket open air market.

Perhaps the most charming shopping area in the city is Beacon Hill. It is known for its 18th-century buildings, paved and brick pavements and gas-lit street lighting. Charles Street is the place to go shopping after saving money on cheap airline tickets. This is where you can get antique stores and a few art galleries, all housed in six blocks. In addition, you can also shop for clothing, fabric, jewelry, toys and gifts. With so many stores, you will certainly find things that suit your style and budget.

Downtown Boston is home to Downtown Crossing and Chinatown. The first has a large Macy home with more than 500 stores, including bookstores, local wares and discount stores. While most people think of Chinese food when it comes to Chinatown, you can also get toys, ceramics, silk items, traditional Chinese clothing, Chinese tea and spices and decorative items for a bargain.

Other shopping areas in the city are North End, South End and Cambridge. The North End is home to Hanover Street and Salem Street, where you can find home accessories, coffee, gourmet salami, Italian sweets, tea, bakery products and spices. You can even pick up grappa wines on North Street, which also has the largest collection of grappa in the country. In the South End you will find boutiques that sell home furnishings and clothing. Most of these boutiques are located on Tremont Street, Washington Street and Clarendon Street. In addition, make some time to visit SoWa Open Market, where you can buy great items made by the best craftsmen in the area. Cambridge offers shopping centers, clothing items, gifts, jewelry and book stores. View Harvard Square. Also visit Porter Square, where you will find Japanese eateries and shops with Japanese kimonos, hand-painted paper and Japanese pottery. Today, many flights to Boston are available.

Boston is truly a paradise for shoppers and airlines have realized this. They offer airline discounts to people interested in visiting this bustling and charming city. These airline discounts can save your package if you are looking for cheap tickets to Boston.